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Bee's Knees - Spray Wax

Bee's Knees - Spray Wax

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  • Extreme shine
  • Streak Free
  • Lasting Protection

Bee’s Knees spray wax is the ultimate in quick and convenient vehicle waxing that will have you kicking your old traditional waxes to the curb. Without streaky residue typically seen with traditional waxes, this product leaves your paint looking smooth and wet while protecting it from the elements for up to 4 weeks! Whether it’s protecting your freshly prepped paint, or touching up your ride at the show, grab the Bee’s Knees!

Directions: THIS IS A 2 PART FORMULA AND SEPARATION OVER TIME IS NORMAL. Shake well! Spray onto an applicator, or directly onto panel. Buff excess with a clean, dry microfiber. Sit back and enjoy the time you saved using the best spray wax in the biz!

Dirty’s Pro Tip: Claying your vehicle prior to application of this product will significantly increase the ease of application and bond to your vehicle.

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