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Cera-Mist Bundle

Cera-Mist Bundle

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Cera-Mist Exterior

With Cera-Mist Exterior Detail Spray, achieving ceramic level results has never been so easy! Let’s face it. Expensive and difficult to apply ceramic coatings aren’t for everyone. But having a quick and easy to use product that is also enjoyable to use can be! Cera-Mist carries ceramic properties needed to help you achieve an unbeatable shine that will defend your paint against harmful elements. Great for paint, wheels, trim, and more! Use the good stuff to protect against the bad stuff with Cera-Mist.

Directions: Shake well. Mist vehicle. Wipe into surface. Flip towel. Wipe off. Keep away from friends that want to steal it. It’s that good.

Dirty’s Pro Tip: Coat the inside of wheel barrels with this product to protect against harmful brake dust that can build up over time.

Cera-Mist Interior

Cera-Mist Interior Detail Spray is your one-stop product for a clean, protected, and dry to the touch interior any time you need it. With layerable shine control, you choose the level of shine with each application! Cera-Mist Interior is infused with silica to repel liquid and dirt from your plastic, leather, and vinyl interior panels. You spend a lot of time in your car, so make sure it's always looking proper with Cera-Mist Interior.

Directions: Shake well. Spray onto panel, or onto a designated microfiber applicator pad. Achieve a matte sheen with one layer, or level up your shine with multiple coats. Have a friend check out your work to make sure you haven’t Cera-Mist a spot.

Dirty’s Pro Tip: Clean excess product from windows with Dirty’s All-Clear glass cleaner!

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