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DDL7 - 7H Ceramic Coating

DDL7 - 7H Ceramic Coating

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When only the best will do, DDL 7H Professional coating is the ultimate in protection and gloss when it comes to your vehicle’s paint. Dirty’s Detail Lab delivers the latest in ceramic coating technology in an ever-evolving industry. Our highly advanced silicon dioxide (SiO2) coating bonds at a molecular level creating an extremely durable and glossy protective barrier. Our 7H Coating is a good start for those looking to familiarize themselves with professional grade coatings. At a slightly lower price point than our top tier 9H, DDL 7H has a longer flash time than DDL 9H, making removal easier and provides less chance of uneven application for beginners. 

DDL 7H is a clear, nano-crystalline ceramic coating that guards your vehicle’s most vulnerable surfaces from weather, chemicals, abrasions and harmful UV rays while repelling water, dirt and other foreign contaminants. Our coating bonds to the surface as an ultra hard, inert, durable coating that is several micron thick providing a jaw-dropping shine that will last up to 4 years!

Our coating systems contain nothing but the highest quality materials blended in small batches, selected from the best resources from around the world. 

DDL 7H and 9H Coatings come in a unique and collectible skull dropper bottle with a hand-stamped hardness ID tag that is sure to be a conversation piece around the shop. 

Dirty’s Pro Tip: Always decontaminate, correct, and prep surface before applying ceramic coatings to achieve the best results and ensure proper bonding!

Kit Includes: 

1- DDL 7H Ceramic Coating (50ML) in collectible bottle

1- Lil Buddy applicator (color may vary)

2- Standard Microfiber towels (color may vary)

2- Nitrile Gloves (one size fits all)

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