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Decked Out - Vinyl, Rubber, and Plastic Dressing

Decked Out - Vinyl, Rubber, and Plastic Dressing

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Decked out rubber, vinyl, and plastic dressing is the final cherry on top of any detail job. Your paint may shine, but dry and faded plastic trim can really kill the look of an otherwise clean vehicle. Decked out leaves your surfaces with a matte-new finish that won’t attract dust and dirt. Your ride is never fully detailed until it’s decked out!

Directions: Shake well. Spray onto an applicator or directly onto surface. Wipe onto surface evenly and allow to dry. Go back over applied areas to cover any missed or uneven spots with a microfiber cloth. Laugh at your neighbor with faded plastic trim.

Dirty’s Pro Tip: Once product is applied and has dried, go over any over-sprayed areas on your paint with Quickie or Cera-Mist quick detailers.

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