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Fallout - Industrial Fallout and Iron Remover

Fallout - Industrial Fallout and Iron Remover

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  • Ultra Powerful
  • Decontaminates
  • Dissolves Iron

Contaminants embedded in your paint don’t have to be the end of the world with Dirty’s Fallout Iron Remover. Use as a decontaminating prerequisite to claying, polishing, and applying ceramics or waxes.

Directions: Shake well. Work in a cool area out of direct sunlight. Rinse vehicle. Apply liberally onto surface and let stand until product turns purple. Don’t let product dry on the vehicle! Rinse off and continue with washing as normal. Stash bottle away as your secret weapon for the next time you experience a paint apocalypse.

Dirty’s Pro Tip: Use Fallout as your first step in a full detail or paint correction. Protect your newly decontaminated finish with Cera-Mist detail spray or DDL 7/9 Ceramic. As an extremely high strength product, fallout should not be used regularly.

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