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Go Hard - Water Spot Remover

Go Hard - Water Spot Remover

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  • Fast Acting
  • Concentrated
  • Removes Calcium

Go Hard safely removes hard water calcium and acid rain contamination from glass, paint, and wheels with ease. This is also a must-have product for boat owners who want to have the cleanest vessel on the lake! Just spray, agitate, and wipe off! It’s easy with Go Hard.

Directions: Shake well. Work in a cool and shaded area. Apply product onto an applicator or directly onto the surface. Rub formula into affected area. Flip applicator over to remove remaining product. Finish with the spray detailer or cleaner of your choice to remove remaining film left over from the product. Go Hard in the paint.

Dirty’s Pro Tip: After removing water spots, treat susceptible areas with any of our ceramic products to increase the hydrophobic properties of your vehicle or boat.

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