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Hitman - Extreme Bug and Tar Remover

Hitman - Extreme Bug and Tar Remover

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  • Aggressive
  • Effective
  • Tough

Say goodbye to stubborn bug residues and road grime with Hitman Extreme Bug and Tar Remover. Formulated with industrial strength solvents and cutting edge technology, Hitman effortlessly takes out even the toughest bugs, leaving your vehicle's surface clean and pristine. Hitman delivers unmatched performance while protecting your clear coat and paint from intense scrubbing by loosening stuck-on grime. Arm yourself with Dirty's Hitman and reclaim the road with confidence. 

Directions: spray liberally onto the affected area before washing. Allow product to soak in. Stubborn areas can be scrubbed with a wet mitt or sponge. Rinse area and remaining product before continuing your wash. 

Dirty’s Pro Tip: Hitman can be added to your foam cannon for easier application on large areas!

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