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Lock N' Load Suds Bundle

Lock N' Load Suds Bundle

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Bundle and Save! 

Lock N' Load Foam Cannon

No pressure washer? No problem! Gone are the days of needing heavy, loud, and expensive equipment to be able to cover your vehicle in rich foam every time you wash it. With Dirty's Lock N' Load Low Pressure foam cannon, simply connect it to a garden hose, and you're good to go! Lock N' Load comes with two nozzles making it the complete package for easy washing. The blade fitting provides a horizontal or vertical pattern of soap, while the adjustable dial fitting gives you six different spray patterns for easy rinsing. The spray handle quickly disconnects for more compact storage, and the dial on the lid helps ensure that you get that perfect mix of soap and water each and every time. Lock N' Load... It's time to wash your ride!

Bright Club Decon Soap

Defend your ride against every day dirt and filth with Bright Club concentrated high foam soap! This powerful yet gentle formula traps dirt and carries it away from the surface making washing your ride easier and more fun! Don’t beat yourself up over a dirty car, just bust out the Bright Club.

Directions: Rinse vehicle. Add 2 oz to a full canister of a foam cannon. Add 3 oz to a 5 gallon bucket for traditional washing. Apply to vehicle. Work from top to bottom. Rinse and dry. Remember the first rule of Bright Club: Talk about it to all of your friends.

Avalanche Snow Foam Soap

One of the most entertaining parts of detailing is using a foam cannon. Avalanche ultra foam soap will have you locked, loaded, and ready to knock dirt off its feet. This concentrated formula puts out a lubricating foam that carries dirt to its demise with the pull of a trigger. Give your dirty ride something it can’t outrun with Avalanche ultra foam soap. 

Directions: Rinse vehicle. Add 1 oz to a full canister of water in a cannon. Add 1-2 oz to a 5 gallon bucket for traditional washing. Apply to vehicle working from top to bottom. Rinse and dry. Disappear into your garage before your neighbor asks you to do his next.

Dirty’s Pro Tip: Save scrubbing bug covered areas for last to avoid spreading them onto the rest of the vehicle with your wash mitt.


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