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Midnight - Ultra Gloss Tire Shine

Midnight - Ultra Gloss Tire Shine

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  • High Gloss
  • Silicone Based
  • No Sling

A dry or dirty tire can really take away from your vehicle’s appearance. Achieve a deep dark shine on tires, fender wells, and trim with Dirty’s Midnight tire shine. This product can be applied with an applicator for ultimate control and a no-sling finish, or can be sprayed directly onto the surface and left to dry for an unbelievably wet shine. There’s no better time to achieve the shine you’ve always wanted than Midnight.

Directions: Shake well. Clean surface to be dressed. Apply with an applicator or directly onto the surface depending on desired finish. Let dry. Wipe excess from unwanted areas. Check your ride out in every building window you pass. We know you do it.

Dirty’s Pro Tip: Due to its slickness, avoid using product on interior pieces!

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