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Dirty's Detail Lab

Quickie - Quick Detailer

Quickie - Quick Detailer

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  • Quick Detailer
  • Drying Aid
  • Sealant

Quickie detail spray is a product that does what other quick detailers can’t. From paint and glass, to plastic trim and wheels, Quickie will leave your ride looking and feeling slicker than a used car salesman. Quickie seals and protects previously applied surface coatings such as ceramics and waxes and can also be applied to a wet surface making it a great drying aid that will help your vehicle shed water as you dry. When you’re feeling a little dirty, sometimes all you need is a Quickie!

Directions: Shake well. Mist onto a wet or dry vehicle. Wipe away with a clean drying towel or microfiber. Get down with the slickness.

Dirty’s Pro Tip: Use regularly as a maintenance spray to prolong the life of your ceramic coatings and waxes. 

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