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Slay Bar

Slay Bar

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Dirty's Slay Bar relentlessly removes embedded contaminants such as fallout, rail dust, overspray, and more from your paint. Slay bar will leave your paint buttery smooth and ready for polishing, waxing, and sealing.

1. Wash vehicle
2. Break clay into desired size and flatten
3. Mist panel and clay with H2NO Clay Lube
4. Wipe clay back and forth across panel until it glides smoothly
5. Buff completed area dry with a clean microfiber
6. Knead or fold clay to begin a new panel
7. Use a new piece if clay contacts the ground or becomes too soiled
8. Stage dive

Dirty's Pro Tip: Use Dirty's Fallout Iron remover to loosen iron deposits from your paint before starting the clay process.

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