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Wheel Work Bundle

Wheel Work Bundle

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Bundle and Save! 

The Reaper Tire and Wheel Brush

Don’t go into the battle of cleaning your tires and wheels without the proper weapon! With one use, The Reaper tire and wheel brush will quickly prove its worth in your detailing arsenal. The Reaper’s professional grade soft polypropylene bristles go deep into hard to reach areas on even the most complex wheel designs to remove stubborn brake dust and dirt build up. As a tool that will likely spend a lot of time on the ground and around harsher than usual chemicals and grime, this brush is not only durable but highly resistant to acids, heat, chemicals and solvents. The handle is constructed of extremely durable thermoplastic and follows the natural contours of your hand in order to minimize strain and discomfort over long periods of use. This brush is also great for use in other hard to clean areas such as bumpers, trim, grilles, exhaust tips, and running boards. Kill grime and save time with Dirty’s Reaper tire and wheel brush!

Dirty’s Pro Tip: Spray wheels and tires with Dirty’s Hub Scrub tire and wheel cleaner prior to using this brush to aid in loosening and dissolving stubborn grime.

Hub Scrub Tire and Wheel Cleaner

Hub Scrub tire and wheel cleaner quickly melts away brake dust, road grime, and old tire shine. This highly concentrated formula works without using harsh acids that can harm your skin and surrounding vehicle finishes. They say the wheels make the vehicle, so use Hub Scrub so they never catch you slippin’.

Directions: Shake Well. Ensure that the surface is cool before applying. Liberally spray onto tires and wheels. Agitate with a brush if surface is highly neglected. Let stand for 30-60 seconds. Thoroughly rinse and pressure wash away. Stare in disbelief at how great your tires and wheels look.

Dirty’s Pro Tip: After use, protect the wheels from future dirt and grime with Cera-Mist or Quickie detail spray. Thicc Kicks or Midnight tire shine will complement your clean wheels.


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