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Stain Remover Bundle

Stain Remover Bundle

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Bundle and Save! 

The Handyman All Purpose Brush

The Handyman brush is a jack of all trades when it comes to your scrub brush needs. This brush is gentle enough for interior and upholstery, and though enough to handle exterior jobs like engine bays and tires. Whatever your needs, the handyman is universal and there to get the job done. The small handle and stiff bristles provide ease of use in a variety of cleaning situations making even the most dreaded cleaning tasks just a little less daunting. Sold in single or two packs so you can designate one for exterior work and one for interior work! When tough jobs arise, give The Handyman a try! 

Dirty’s Pro Tip: Always rinse with clean water after use to prolong the life of the brush!

Fiber Fix Carpet and Fabric Cleaner

When stubborn stains appear, Fiber Fix is there to make you forget they even happened. This powerful formula is great for seats, headliners, and of course carpet! Spray, agitate, and wipe away to reveal a clean surface that will leave stains in the past. You’ll never get caught riding dirty again with Fiber Fix.

Directions: Shake well. Vacuum before using. For large areas, mist directly onto surface. Agitate with a carpet brush. Wipe excess away with a microfiber cloth. For spot cleaning, spray onto a brush or cloth and work into the affected area until stain is gone. Tell your kids to stop spilling juice boxes in your car.

Dirty’s Pro Tip: This product will also keep your shoes looking fresh without being hassled by the mall kiosk guy.

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