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Summer Slice - Watermelon Air Freshener

Summer Slice - Watermelon Air Freshener

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  • Crisp
  • Fresh
  • Fruity

Bask in the sweet juiciness of Dirty's Summer Slice Watermelon air freshener. One mist and this fruity scent will take you back to those warm summer days where the fun was plenty and the worries were few. Blended with essential oils and odor eliminators, Summer Slice eliminates odors inside your car and leaves it with a crisp, clean scent that will have your friends choosing you as the driver any time you go out. The next time your ride starts smelling funky, get it smelling nice with Summer Slice!

Directions: Vacuum and clean upholstery if needed. Mist Air freshener onto seats, under seats, on carpet, and in the footwells under the dash. DO NOT saturate fabrics! A mist will do!

Dirty's Pro Tip: Works great in Motorcycle helmets and boots!

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