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The Saucer - 2 Pack Microfiber Applicator

The Saucer - 2 Pack Microfiber Applicator

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Apply waxes, sealants, glazes, and dressings with ease when you use Dirty’s “Saucer” applicator! At 5.5 inches, this applicator will have you shining in no time while preventing scratching with its hovering edge that won’t come in contact with your paint. A big problem in the industry with applicators is durability, and we have addressed that issue designing ours to be the toughest one on the market. With dense overlock border stitching, this applicator won’t break down and fall apart at the seams like other disc applicators out there. The inner foam is stitched into the microfiber preventing it from bunching up and wandering within the seams. With the Saucer, you are ensured a great tool that you can use and wash time and time again without replacing. With the durability and value of the Saucer, you’ll never feel like your hard earned money has been abducted!

Dirty’s Pro Tip: To maintain the efficiency of your applicator, always use the same applicator with the same product to avoid the mixture and spread of different products that you may not want on the surface you’re dressing. 

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